BATTLETECH crash on startup Fix
How to Fix BATTLETECH Crash on startup

Download Patch -

1) Download the game patch
2) Run the patch installation
3) Play

Installing this patch will help you fixed crash errors.

Game news
In addition, the need for permanent online imposes a certain imprint. Im glad that the developers did not begin to save on diversity, as it usually happens with a rather large size of the world. However, here it is it looks beautiful only this. Still there were moments, as in the film the beginning, where the earth rises in a vertical position. Performing them intentionally is quite boring, but they help to kill time with a long trip. Today BATTLETECH is an outstanding project with its army of fans. For example, upgrades of cars gradually raise the level of transport the sports gearbox will give 3 points, and the reinforced brakes 5. The update brought both game chips, and some paid. Such attention to detail, of course, bribes and creates an atmosphere of a living world pedestrians.

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